Alexis Beard


Hi! I am a Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner student with Justisse College International and am taking some much-needed time off until April 2024. I invite you to reach out via email, Instagram, or Threads if you have any questions or would like to connect before then!

I began using the Justisse Method as birth control in 2019 (and have successfully avoided pregnancy since then!) and felt like everyone should have access to this sort of information, so I started the program in 2020. Fertility awareness has given me the opportunity to shift my career goals to something that I believe can make a difference in so many lives, much like it has in my own personal life. I have personal experience with abortion, period pain (& possible endometriosis), ovarian cysts, and avoiding pregnancy, so between my own experiences and my school training, I feel confident in supporting others in similar situations. I love talking about reproductive health, charting, cervical mucus, temp shifts, periods, sex, moon cycles, embracing femininity, embodiment, and more.

I am currently located in the Southern US with my husband and our doggie child, Bella. When I’m not doing schoolwork or working with clients, I love to work on self-growth, dance, paint, read, play with Bella, spend time with loved ones, and soak up tons of sunshine. I look forward to making more connections over the coming years and supporting others in their own journey towards reproductive health reclamation.

Follow me on Instagram to see what I’m up to during my break and get a peek into what life looks like while practicing fertility awareness!

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