Tianna James

I am a full spectrum Justisse fertility awareness educator and holistic reproductive health practitioner. I believe that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and our bodies are a divine gift from our source to use as a vehicle on our individual journeys and becoming body literate serves as a compass for true self-care.
Body Literacy + Self Care = Self Preservation is my mantra. I’m passionate about teaching body literacy to adolescents first because I truly believe that having this knowledge early will benefit the trajectory of your life. I fulfill my passion for teaching teens through my Period Confidence Workshops for ages 8-17.
I’ve been charting my own cycles since birthing my first child in 2013 after learning about fertility awareness through a breastfeeding support group. I was the only black women in that group and after relaying the message to my community, I realized that this life-saving body knowledge was lacking in the black community. This is why I decided to become a fertility awareness educator.
I am also a licensed cosmetologist who loves all things haircare and skincare. I love to help women connect their menstrual cycle health and hormonal health to skin, hair, and scalp issues then managing and treating these issues through a holistic approach.

You can reach me through email hello@tiannajames.com and through my website Tianna James