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Justisse Method User's Kit

Purchase the Justisse Method User's Kit to get started charting on paper. Go to Ordering Justisse Products to purchase the kit.  Justisse Practitioners are trained to help you enhance your skills at observing, charting, and interpreting your menstrual cycle charts, in person or online.

The Justisse Charting app will retire on May 31, 2023. Existing users are encouraged to login before May 31st to save their charts by using their browser's print to PDF function.

Learn from a Justisse Practitioner

Contact a Justisse Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner (HRHP) or Body Literacy Advocate (BLA) Justisse Practitioner Directory.

Working with a Justisse practitioner improves your success with the Justisse Method, whether your are avoiding pregnancy, wanting to become pregnant, or wanting to keep track of your reproductive health. Some folks gain confidence more quickly than others. Some reproductive circumstances are also easier to interpret than others, so each person's need to contact an HRHP will vary. Your HRHP will guide you through an introductory session followed by follow-up sessions. Costs vary; you can discuss details with your chosen HRHP. Some practitioners offer free consultations to find your best fit.

We strongly recommend you contact a Justisse Practitioner when you:

  1. Change how you want to use the Justisse Method. For example, from achieving pregnancy to avoiding pregnancy.
  2. Enter a different reproductive situation. For example, pre-menopause, breast feeding, post-abortion, post-partum (after childbirth).
  3. Decide to become sexually active after a long period of abstinence or for the first time.
  4. Experience a change in your reproductive health, or other health status.
  5. Have a new sexual partner.

Cycle charters may benefit from exploring the many holistic reproductive health options available to them. Many reproductive health and menstrual cycle problems can be addressed safely and naturally with changes in diet and lifestyle, and/or Naturopathic or Complementary Medical treatment.

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To discuss your needs, learn more about our services or set up an appointment with Justisse HRHP Practitioner reach out and CONTACT US.