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About Justisse

Justisse Method & Justisse College

Founding & Current Operation

The Justisse Method of fertility awareness and the Justisse Fertility Management Practitioner training were developed in 1987 by Geraldine Matus. The intention was to help provide information and guidance for sexual and reproductive health management with respect to individual rights and decisions. Justisse has evolved into Justisse College International (2003) as a non-profit corporation dedicated to training Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioners (HRHPs). Starting in 2011, several HRHP graduates began training with Geraldine to become Justisse College faculty members and collaborators in managing the college.

What's a Justisse HRHP?

A Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner is trained in human sexuality, basic counseling, and all methods of birth control; they are committed to reproductive health education. HRHPs respect ethnic and cultural diversity and individual ideological and religious beliefs. Justisse provides well-founded knowledge about sexual and reproductive health systems, and supports a Naturopathic and Functional Medicine approach for managing and enhancing reproductive health. 

The Justisse Method & Body Literacy

The Justisse Method support folks to observe, chart and interpret scientifically proven signs of fertility, helps to monitor reproductive health and wellness from first menstruation to menopause, and supports charters to avoid or achieve pregnancy.  

Body literacy is the attainment of self-knowledge gained by learning to observe, chart and interpret one's signs of fertility and infertility, and to recognize menstrual cycle health and wellness. Body Literacy facilitates reproductive freedom and informed choice. Justisse Practitioners are trained to help women and menstruating people to obtain body literacy.