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HRHP Application Process

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Step One: HRHP Program Information Session

Attend one of the regular HRHP Program Public Information Sessions to find out the details of the training, inquire about your suitability for the program, and meet with some of the faculty. See the Justisse College Facebook Events to get the dates and times. Information Sessions are hosted at 8am PST on Saturdays. The upcoming dates are as follows: February 12, March 12 and April 9.

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Step Two: Prerequisites

  1. A minimum of a two-year undergraduate degree or diploma in any field, or evidence of equivalent learning through training and/or experience in areas not typically associated with formal education. Evidence includes Reference Letters from your Mentors/Supervisors and/or notarized copies of Certificates.
  2. Credit for a junior level anatomy and physiology course, or are currently in an active medical practice (e.g. naturopath, osteopath, TCM, midwifery). Online courses are acceptable.
  3. Credit for a junior level women's or gender studies course, or evidence of equivalent learning through training and/or experience in areas not typically associated with formal women's or gender studies. Online courses are acceptable. Ok
  4. Have charted your menstrual cycles (any method) for a minimum of 6 cycles. 

Step Three: Submit an Application

Cohort Start Dates

The start dates for the HRHP Training are annually April 1st and October 1st. Once enrolled, it is a self-paced program designed to meet individual need. For example, students who enrol and already have competency within certain areas of the required curriculum can arrange to alter their pacing or handling of the curriculum accordingly. Ultimately, any areas of previous scholastic or independent study and investigation that qualifies for certification as a Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner will be considered.  

Application Deadlines

  1. Deadline for April 1st start is January 15th.
  2. Deadline for October 1st start is July 1st.

Have prepared the following information to put into the Application Form: 

  1. List your specific experience and/or training and evaluation in any of the following areas: 
    1. Nutritional and complementary medicine healing and lifestyle counseling
    2. Bio-chemistry, human anatomy and physiology 
    3. Counseling or communication 
    4. Fertility awareness 
    5. Birth control and sexual health 
    6. Pregnancy, birth, postpartum care, and breastfeeding 
    7. Women's or gender studies

  2. List significant texts you have studied in any of the following areas:
    1. Nutritional and complementary medicine healing and lifestyle counseling 
    2. Bio-chemistry, human anatomy and physiology 
    3. Counseling or communication 
    4. Fertility awareness 
    5. Birth control and sexual health 
    6. Pregnancy, birth, post-partum care, and breastfeeding
    7. Women's or gender studies

  3. Copies of transcripts of any formal education (degrees, certificates, diplomas) -- name the program and institution or organization and include your grades or outcome of evaluation. Please note that official transcripts must be sent directly to the College. You may include copies along with your application. Please include English translations of your transcript if necessary. 
  4. Letters of Reference from any Mentors/Supervisors you may have had during other non-formal or institutionalized educational experiences (certificates, courses, etc.) Please note that Reference Letters are only required as supplementary documentation if you do not have a formal transcript or have not completed studies at a formal institution.
  5. Character Reference: Please have two persons who are not your relatives provide a letter referencing your character and their opinion of your ability to complete the HRHP Training Program course of study. Please ensure that each person providing a reference give detail in the letter about their own field of work and their relationship to you. These reference letters must be sent to us directly, not as part of your application package.
  6. List any work or volunteer experience pertinent to the healing and helping field.
  7. Attach a 1500 word statement of intent that describes why you wish to become an HRHP and what you hope to contribute to the field.

Please make sure that any supplementary documentation that is sent along with your application is readable and rotated to correct reading position, and in either PDF or JPEG form.

Please ensure that your application is submitted as a whole, with all supporting documentation sent together. Official transcripts and Letters of Reference that are to be sent to the College directly must be received prior to the application deadline.

Step Four: Application Interview

After the submitted application is received, your application will be reviewed by the faculty and only those eligible for the program will be selected for an application interview. Cohort size is limited.


Cost, Commitment, Time for Completion 

Application & Orientation Fee

$295 CDN non-refundable processing fee

Tuition & Tax

$15,000 CDN plus 5% GST (Canada Goods & Services Tax)


The cost of texts are not covered by tuition. Obtaining required texts is the HRHP Trainee's responsibly. Many texts can be purchased second hand. Some texts may be available through Justisse. All Justisse teaching materials are available wholesale.


Applicable interest on tuition paid in instalments


The HRHP training program is equivalent to approximately fifteen (15) 3-credit Canadian University courses -- success requires commitment and focus. For USA students they can consider it a masters level training. Typically 20 to 25 hours per week is required for successful completion of the program.

Time to Complete

24 months year round (monthly extensions available at extra cost)