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Continuing Education

Talking About The Estrogens, with Lisa Leger
Wednesday February 19, 2020
9am - 10:30am PST
Cost: $10 CAD
A history of synthetic hormonal drugs and their use to treat peri-menopausal symptoms and menstrual disorders with details on the Nurse's Study, the Women's Health Initiative findings, and recent attempts by the pharmaceutical industry to rebrand and market Hormone Therapy (HT) after it fell out of favour. Learn how to discuss this history effectively from a feminist perspective and explain the pros and cons of HT from a functional medicine perspective. Gain the tools to hold your own in discussions about HRT, HT, and the use of synthetic estrogens with colleagues and provide sensible advice to clients considering HT.
Lisa Leger is a HRHP-E on the faculty at Justisse College. She has had a long career in a pharmacy setting and worked with dozens of naturopathic and holistically oriented practitioners. She has been watching the debate about hormones in the medical literature for decades and is uniquely placed to provide insights into the ways the pharmaceutical industry has marketed their products to both women and their health care providers.