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About Justisse

About Justisse

Justisse operates as a not-for-profit corporation. All Justisse trained HRHPs work independently.

The Justisse method of fertility awareness was first developed in 1987 in response to an expressed need for fertility awareness education that would support the provision of information and guidance necessary to manage sexual and reproductive health, while respecting individual rights and decisions. From these roots Justisse has evolved into an educational body for the training of fertility awareness educators - Justisse HRHPs.

Justisse Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioners (HRHP) are professional reproductive health care providers. They are well grounded in knowledge of human sexuality, basic counseling, and all methods of birth control; they are committed to reproductive health education. Justisse practitioners are trained to respect ethnic and cultural diversity and individual ideological and religious beliefs as regards sexual and reproductive matters. Justisse provides well-founded knowledge about sexual and reproductive health systems. Justisse supports a Naturopathic and Functional Medicine approach for managing and enhancing reproductive health. The imagination of Justisse is to provide an environment where wisdom and experience may be shared.


  • A world where every person has body literacy and is enabled to make informed, consensual, empowered and autonomous decisions about their sexual and reproductive health
  • A world where the principles associated with the sacred or archetypal feminine are in balance with the heroic masculine archetype. These principles include non-linear, collaborative, intuitive, holistic, gnostic, and cyclical ways of relating to the self and other. This particular way of being in the world is not related to gender, but works energetically and imaginally. We believe all people benefit from such an integrative approach.


  • To exemplify ethical standards of clinical and educational practice
  • To act as wise elders, supporting a conscious reclamation of the sacred feminine principles of gnosis, wisdom, intuition, growth, and fecundity
  • To provide comprehensive, current, purposeful and meaningful training for fertility awareness educators
  • To deliver fertility awareness educator training that reflects the most scientifically accurate knowledge currently available, both qualitatively and quantitatively
  • To encourage scientific literacy among fertility awareness educators
  • To promote a return to the roots of scientific inquiry by encouraging individuals to have curiosity with respect to their bodies and how they work under various circumstances
  • To broaden and deepen the field and profession of fertility awareness education
  • To attend to issues of reproductive justice and to support those who are subject to persistent and systematic discrimination
  • To be a financially sustainable, well-managed non-profit organization
  • To provide sustainable, joyful, meaningful employment for faculty and support staff