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About Justisse

About Justisse Healthworks for Women

Justisse Healthworks-for Women and its subsidiary the Justisse College operate as a not-for-profit corporation. All Justisse trained HRHP practice independent of the interests of the corporation.

The Justisse method of fertility awareness was first developed in 1987 in response to an expressed need for natural birth control training and support that would give women the information and guidance they need to manage their reproduction while respecting their rights to make their own decisions.  From this foundation, Justisse has evolved into a centre for holistic health care that tends to all aspects of women's health -- both physical and psychological -- as it relates to our reproductive selves.

Justisse supports a Naturopathic and Complementary Medicine approach to managing health problems and enhancing reproductive health.  

Justisse Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioners (HRHP) are professional reproductive health care providers. They are well grounded in knowledge of human sexuality, basic counseling, and all methods of birth control; they are committed to reproductive health education. Justisse practitioners are trained to respect the ethnic and cultural diversity and the ideological and religious beliefs of their clientele. Justisse believes in empowering women with a well founded knowledge about and an awareness of their bodies and reproductive systems. This awareness helps women better understand themselves and make sound health care decisions.

The temenos of the Justisse clinic is designed on the imagination that behind every wise woman are many other wise women. The mandate is for Justisse practitioners to guide women in their desire to become wise about their bodies, minds, and spiritual selves.