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Overview of HRHP Training

Justisse Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner (HRHP) Training Program

The most comprehensive and academically sound program worldwide for training fertility awareness and body literacy educators. 

Serve Women's Health and Well Being

Join our pioneering community of Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioners 

If you want to be an leader and innovator in women's sexual and reproductive health care then become an Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner (HRHP) and you can help women to manage their sexual and reproductive health -- in a natural, highly effective and independent way.  As an HRHP, you will be offering women a healthful alternative to invasive and harmful drugs, devices and surgery.  

Since 1987, Justisse Healthworks for Women has trained HRHPs to teach fertility awareness and serve women's overall health and well being. Many of our pioneering graduates have established their own practices.  Others have incorporated this vital education on women's reproductive health care in a variety of fields: naturopathy, psychotherapy, chiropractic and other holistic health practices.  The Justisse program guides you through comprehensive training, from fundamental knowledge to the basics of setting up your own practice. 

No program other than Justisse offers such a uniquely integrated practice of scientifically based mainstream and holistic health education and non-judgmental counseling. Justisse HRHPs provide women the education and support they need to make and follow through on their own reproductive choices. 

See also Becoming a Justisse Practitioner for answers to FAQs, cost, and the application process. 

Justisse founder Geraldine Matus is chair of the committee that developed the Core Competencies for certification of Fertility Awareness Educators by the Association for Fertility Awareness Professionals AFAP Core Competencies. The Justisse College training meets and exceeds those competencies. 

You Will Become

The Justisse HRHP Training Program prepares you to be an educator and clinician. You will learn to provide private consultations and advise your clients and colleagues on fertility awareness methods and natural approaches to reproductive health and natural birth control. You will learn to be a fertility awareness educator educator and be able to present to a variety of audiences on fertility awareness, body literacy, and related topics. You will become part of the Justisse professionals tribe and will become a representative of the principles of Justisse College, and hopefully participate in the global community of allied fertility educators.

Justisse HRHP Training Program Overview

The Justisse Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioners (HRHP) Training develops a broad, deep, and practical knowledge of male and female reproductive health, indicators of fertility and infertility, natural and artificial birth control, basic sexual and reproductive health counseling, the psycho-social aspects of sexual and reproductive health, and holistic approaches to reproductive health. The particular focus of the training is on educating the HRHP to teach women how to observe, chart, and interpret their menstrual cycle events, as well as how to use the menstrual cycle chart as a reproductive health investigative and educational tool; including exploration of the practical and symbolic meaning and value of menstrual cycle charting for women. HRHPs will learn how to assist women with normal or problematic menstrual cycles, and those facing challenging sexual and reproductive health situations or choices.  

How is this program different from other fertility awareness or natural family planning or fertility awareness method training? 

The Justisse Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner (HRHP) Training Program is unique in 5 ways. 

(1) The Justisse HRHP Training Program trains practitioners to teach the Justisse Method for Fertility Management, which uses systematized techniques that enable a woman to observe, chart, and interpret the signs and events, which communicate to her the state of her sexual reproductive health. This information then becomes the foundation for her to make sexual and reproductive health choices, and is the foundation for body literacy.

(2) The Justisse HRHP Training Program teaches the HRHP student to help women recognize and manage normal as well as atypical events in their menstrual cycle, especially those women discontinuing hormonal contraceptives. Other fertility awareness or natural family planning training programs focus primarily on normal cycles, which do not equip practitioners to address the needs of women with atypical menstrual cycle events, which are more common than not.

Over that past several decades there has been a steadily increasing number of women experiencing atypical menstrual cycle events, which is related to the use of hormonal contraceptives and synthetic hormones (HRT), the exposure to synthetic hormones and xenobiotics yin water and food, the nutritional decline of the Western diet and its adoption by developing nations, light pollution, and environmental pollutants.

To be successful in using fertility awareness women need help to identify and manage a broad spectrum of cycle variations and sexual and reproductive health problems.  Many women are cautious about using prescription drugs, synthetic hormones, or surgical techniques to achieve reproductive health. Many benefit from exploring holistic reproductive health options available to them. A woman’s fertility is a continuous process, changing throughout her reproductive life. Many reproductive health and menstrual cycle problems are addressed safely and naturally with changes in diet and lifestyle, and/or the use of naturopathic or complementary medical treatment. Justisse HRHPs are trained to address these concerns. Justisse supports a Naturopathic and Complementary Medicine approach to managing reproductive health problems and enhancing fertility, and encourages HRHP practitioners to work closely with those health care providers. 

(3) The Justisse HRHP Training Program teaches students to work using a model that respects the ethnic and cultural diversity of the individual, and their individual ideological or religious beliefs. Justisse HRHPs have a solid working knowledge of all methods of birth control, and are trained to instruct those clients who wish to know how best to use any method of birth control. Justisse HRHPs work to empower women and their partners by sharing, without prejudice, knowledge about the reproductive body-system and encourage them to develop a healthy relationship to their reproductive body.

(4) Justisse HRHPs are professionally trained sexual and reproductive health care providers. They are well grounded in their knowledge of all methods of natural and artificial birth control, human sexuality, basic counseling skills, and are committed to sexual and reproductive health education. They learn how to interface with other fertility awareness instructors and sexual and reproductive health care providers to provide accurate and consistent care for their clientele.

(5) The Justisse HRHP program is based on a midwifery model of care, which includes continuity of care, normalcy of the female sexual and reproductive system, dialogical interpersonal relations that focus on the reality of the woman in the moment, and autonomy and self-care skills.

(6) The Justisse HRHP program approaches menstrual cycle health from Functional and Naturopathic Medical perspectives, attending to clear identification of the etiology of disease and treatments that cure rather than cover over symptoms.

Basic Justisse HRHP Program Training Provides

  • Comprehensive and practical knowledge for effectively and accurately teaching the Justisse Method of fertility management (pregnancy avoidance, pregnancy achievement, and holistic sexual and reproductive health).
  • Foundational knowledge of all methods of natural birth control
  • Practical clinical knowledge of human sexuality, issues of diversity and inclusion, and basic counseling skills in the areas of holistic sexual and reproductive health.
  • Foundational knowledge of the psycho-social history of birth control and how it has shaped current sexual and reproductive health attitudes, services, and products.
  • Comprehensive and practical knowledge of human sexual and reproductive anatomy and physiology, and reproductive endocrinology.
  • Comprehensive and practical knowledge of complex menstrual cycle chart interpretation, holistic reproductive health care (infertility, atypical menstrual cycles, premenstrual difficulties, discontinuation of hormonal contraception, reproductive health maintenance for whole body health, and bio-identical hormone balancing).
  • Practical knowledge for setting up a HRHP practice.
  • Practical knowledge for interfacing with mainstream health approaches while utilizing holistic approaches.

Justisse HRHP Program Practicum 

Students are conscientiously supported in developing their HRHP practice through a graduated learning process that uses midwifery model of care and a standard medical case management model. This prepares them for comprehensively apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations, in order to develop an independent HRHP practice.

Once graduated students continue to have access to ongoing support for their Justisse HRHP practice.

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