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Justisse Method HRHP Training Program Faculty

Geraldine Matus PhD, Justisse Method Founder, Academic Director and Dean for Justisse College

Geraldine is the founder of Justisse (1987) and the Director of Justisse-Healthworks for Women (2003) and Academic Dean for Justisse College that houses the HRHP Training Program and the HRHP Educator Training Program. She first began training practitioners in the Justisse Method in 1987. 

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Rose Yewchuk, MA, HRHP, HRHP Educator (2017), Associate Dean

Rose Yewchuk is passionate about reconnecting women with their body wisdom. Over her 15-year career teaching Fertility Awareness methods, she has taught hundreds of women how to get off the pill and heal their cycles naturally. Her clients feel more in tune with their bodies, more healthy and vibrant, and more empowered to get pregnant when it’s the right time in their lives. She has a funny and engaging style that makes learning about menstrual cycle health seem easy and totally normal. Her superhero catchphrase is, ‘Better Ovulate Than Never!”

Rose completed a Master’s thesis on Fertility Awareness in 2006. She has been a facilitator of the non-profit Fertility Awareness Charting Circle  since 2005 and maintains a holistic health practice with local clients in Edmonton, Canada and virtual clients all over the world. She has a light, gentle touch even when dealing with emotionally charged issues such as infertility, menstrual pain, trauma, and chronic illness. Rose is a graduate of the Justisse HRHP training program and is excited to be joining the Justisse College faculty.  

Lisa Leger Holistic Health Educator, HRHP, HRHP Educator

Lisa was in the first group of Justisse Method Practitioner trainees in 1987 when the program was know as the Justisse Method, Fertility Management Practitioner [FMP] Training. She has been involved in training Justisse Method practitioners in the past and is currently upgrading her skills to earn the designation of HRHP Educator, with the hopes of joining this faculty.

Lisa holds a BA in Psychology from University of Waterloo and has been trained as a facilitator of various self management programs by the University of Victoria.  She works in a community pharmacy setting and values her role as a provider of public health education via one-on-one, seminars, print, and radio.  She uses these opportunities to build a bridge between the conventional and natural approaches to health and wellness.  In her private practice, Lisa teaches Justisse Method charting and specializes in holistic reproductive health counselling. She enjoys building the bridge between mainstream medical approaches and natural medicine principles and treatments. Lisa on Linkedin 

Jenny Koos HT, HRHP, HRHP Educator in training

Jenny Koos is a graduate from the Justisse HRHP Training Program. She is a practicing birth doula, Thai yoga massage therapist and holistic health educator with her specialities in Western and Ayurvedic herbalism.

Apart from teaching the Justisse method to private clients and groups, she teaches holistic reproductive health in schools and aims to deepen the current Swedish sexual education curriculum to include body literacy and natural birth control. She is currently in the process of creating a women's health center in southern Sweden, where women's needs for holistic care in their entire reproductive life continuum will be met by caregivers from complementing fields.

Jenny focuses on bringing the Justisse Method charting information and education to those who speak Swedish, and in Scandinavia (Sweden, Finland, Norway). 

Amy Sedgwick, OPT, HRHP, HRHP Educator in training

Amy is a graduate of the Justisse HRHP Training Program and co-owner of the Red Tent Sisters which has a significant number of options for women wishing to learn the Justisse Method and care for their sexual and reproductive selves.


Become a Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner Educator (HRHPE) and Justisse College Faculty Member

Justisse College now trains Justisse HRHP graduates or others with appropriate qualifications and experience to become educators of Justisse Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioners (HRHP). To ask about your eligibility to enroll in the Justisse HRHPE training program please contact or for more information regarding this option.