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Justisse Faculty

Members of the JCI Faculty

Carolina Fischmann, BA

HRHP, Junior Faculty

Carolina is passionate about educating people on how to understand their bodies and live in sync with their cycles. After years of using birth control and living with undiagnosed deep infiltrative endometriosis, learning the Justisse method was a life-changing experience. Carolina became an HRHP in 2018 and opened her private practice, Fluência Corporal. She is the first secular fertility awareness educator in Brazil and has taught hundreds of people about the importance of the menstrual cycle as a sign of health, the use of fertility awareness for both contraception and conception, and historical, social and cultural aspects of being a woman and/or menstruator. In 2021, Carolina joined Justisse College as a junior faculty member and is extremely happy with the opportunity of teaching other passionate instructors from all over the world.
She has a previous background in Anthropology and is currently pursuing a Dietitian degree. Besides her private practice teaching the Justisse method, Carolina also advocates for reproductive justice and provides workshops in schools, universities and other educational settings.


Jenny Koos

HRHP, Senior Faculty

Jenny Koos a.k.a. Vulverine is a graduate from the Justisse HRHP Training Program. She is a birth doula, a birthing rights activist on the board of Födelsehuset, a holistic health educator with specialities in Western and Ayurvedic herbalism, as well as a Thai yoga massage therapist.

In Sweden she runs a private clinic, a blog and an instagram account called @vulverinekoos, where she gives private consultations and free information on menstrual cycle health, as well as online lectures on various aspects of hormonal health and fertility, currently mainly in Swedish but soon in English as well.

Besides teaching the Justisse Method to private clients and groups, she teaches holistic reproductive health in schools and does advocacy work to deepen the current Swedish sexual education curriculum to include body literacy and natural birth control. She is currently in the process of writing a book on Fertility Awareness.


Lisa Leger, BA

HRHP, Senior Faculty

Lisa was in the first group of Justisse Method Practitioner trainees in 1987 when the program was known as the Justisse Method, Fertility Management Practitioner [FMP] Training. She was invited on to the faculty in 2011 and upgraded her teaching skills to become an HRHP Educator.

Lisa holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Waterloo and has been trained as a facilitator of various self-management programs for people with chronic diseases by the University of Victoria.  She volunteered for Osteoporosis Canada for over a decade and learned valuable techniques to educate people about healthy diet and lifestyle practices. Lisa works in a community pharmacy setting and provides public health education one-on-one, and via seminars, print, and radio.  She occasionally teaches adult education courses about holistic health in the ElderCollege program at Vancouver Island University. She uses these teaching opportunities to build a bridge between conventional medicine and natural approaches to health and wellness.  In her private practice, Lisa teaches Justisse Method charting and specializes in holistic reproductive health counselling.


Suvi Lehtilä, BA 

HRHP, Junior Faculty, Curriculum Editor

Suvi Lehtilä has been involved in the world of fertility awareness since 2012. She has been working as an HRHP since 2017 and joined the Justisse faculty in 2021. Suvi has an academic background in languages and gender studies with additional training and experience in birth work and holistic health modalities including reflexology and nutritional therapy. Based in Finland, she runs a private practice teaching two fertility awareness based methods (Justisse and Sensiplan) and providing holistic reproductive health counselling.

Suvi is a founding member of the Nordic Union for Fertility Awareness, a non-profit organization that promotes evidence-based education in fertilty awareness based methods in the Nordic countries. She has a special interest in different FABMs and their application for populations with varying needs.

Rose Yewchuk, MA

HRHP, Senior Faculty, Director of Finance and Operations

Rose Yewchuk is passionate about reconnecting women with their body wisdom. Over her 15-year career teaching Fertility Awareness methods, she has taught hundreds of women how to get off the pill and heal their cycles naturally. Her clients feel more in tune with their bodies, more healthy and vibrant, and more empowered to get pregnant when it’s the right time in their lives. She has a funny and engaging style that makes learning about menstrual cycle health seem easy and totally normal. Her superhero catchphrase is, ‘Better Ovulate Than Never!”

Rose completed a Master’s thesis on Fertility Awareness in 2006. She has been a facilitator of the non-profit Fertility Awareness Charting Circle since 2005 and maintains a holistic health practice with local clients in Edmonton, Canada and virtual clients all over the world. She has a light, gentle touch even when dealing with emotionally charged issues such as infertility, menstrual pain, trauma, and chronic illness. Rose is a graduate of the Justisse HRHP training program and is excited to be a part of the Justisse College faculty as Director of Finance and Operations.


Amy Sedgwick, BSc (O.T.)

HRHP, Senior Faculty, Executive Director

Amy’s Justisse journey began after side effects from hormonal birth control nearly destroyed her breastfeeding relationship with her newborn daughter in 2005. Seeking a natural yet effective contraceptive alternative, she turned to the Justisse Method of Fertility Management. Through learning to chart her cycles and working with an HRHP, Amy uncovered answers to longstanding health problems and was able to reverse debilitating menstrual symptoms and achieve energy and vitality she hadn’t experienced since childhood. Since then Amy has committed herself to helping others achieve optimal health through menstrual cycle charting and body literacy. 

Born and raised in Toronto, Amy has a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy from the University of Toronto and earned her certification as a Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner in 2010.  She has been engaged in work for the Justisse College since 2014. Amy completed her HRHPE training in March, 2020. 

Through Red Tent Sisters, a business Amy started in 2007 with her sister Kim, Amy has supported individuals of all genders and sexual orientations to use fertility awareness to achieve or avoid pregnancy, and to maximize their reproductive health. In 2019, after living in Antigonish, NS for three years, Amy opened a private practice where she combines her work as an Occupational Therapist, HRHP, Arvigo Practitioner and Harner Shamanic Counsellor. Amy currently divides her time between faculty and executive work for Justisse, her private clinical practice, and doing contract Occupational Therapy work for Veterans Affairs Canada. Amy is currently studying Dynamic Emotional Integration, a unique approach to counselling and working with emotions. 

Become a Justisse College Faculty Member

Justisse College hires Justisse HRHP graduates or others with appropriate qualifications and experience to become educators of Justisse Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioners (HRHP). To ask about your eligibility please contact for more information regarding this option.