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Justisse Founder

Geraldine Matus, Lay Midwife, HRHPE, PhD is the founder of the Justisse Method (1987), a fertility awareness-based method (FABM). Up until her resignation in November 2020, she was one of five co-founders who operated the Canadian not for profit corporation Justisse College International, and served as Academic Director and Dean. She designed and wrote the initial Justisse College curriculum and the Justisse Method User Guide.

Geraldine has worked as a fertility awareness-based methods educator and holistic reproductive health practitioner since 1977, and has been active in the reproductive health freedoms movement since then. She qualified as a lay homebirth midwife in 1985 (before midwifery was legal and midwives were licensed in Canada). She completed natural family planning educator training in the Billings Method, SERENA Canada, Couple-to-Couple League, and Creighton training between 1977 and 1986. Since 1980 she had the privilege of working with and to learn from North America's best complementary and alternative medicine physicians. Dr. Matus believes that a woman’s reproductive cycle (menstrual cycle) is the 5th vital sign of her health, and which depends on healthy and regular ovulatory and menstrual patterns from menarche to menopause.

She is past chair for the Core Competencies Committee for the Association for Fertility Awareness Professionals (AFAP) which oversees the development of standards and demonstration of competency for certification of Fertility Awareness Educators (FAE).

She completed her doctorate in Depth Psychology in 2014 at Pacifica Graduate Institute. Her doctoral work focuses on a psycho-physiological view of women's beauty and blood mysteries, and how they are connected to love as the glutinum mundi (glue of the world). Dr. Matus's work integrates her experience in sexual and reproductive health with a depth psychological view of healing. She believes a woman's conscious engagement with her beauty and blood mysteries is a valuable means for her to develop a profound honoring of her body as the vessel of her being, and in that way become wholly empowered in body, mind, and spirit.

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