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Justisse Practitioners

Currently there are Justisse HRHPs and BLAs (Body Literacy Advocates) in Canada, United States, Sweden, Norway, Finland, South Africa, Brazil, Norway, Finland, Ecuador, and Mexico. Our Justisse HRHP & BLA Practitioner Directory will help you locate a practitioner near you or who you can work with long distance.

Justisse Practitioners are professional reproductive health care providers. They are comprehensively trained in areas of human sexuality, client care, and all methods of birth control, and menstrual cycle chart interpretation. They are committed to reproductive health education and Body Literacy. They are trained to help women make fully informed reproductive health choices. Justisse Practitioners are trained and mandated to share, without prejudice, all information necessary to exercise full reproductive freedom. They are trained to respect ethnic and cultural diversity and ideological and religious beliefs.

Justisse Practitioners, once graduated, work independently of Justisse College and are therefore responsible for their professional conduct and the development of their professional practice. Justisse College is not accountable for the actions of a Justisse Practitioner. 

Justisse Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner Educator (HRHPE)

HRHPEs are graduates of the Justisse Practitioner Training Program and have at least two years of experience as an HRHP. They engage in an HRHP Educator master's training to learn how to become active mentors and educators of HRHPs. They goal of their the HRHPE training is to serve on the Justisse College Faculty. HRHPEs the senior and most experienced and educated of practitioners with regards to sexual and reproductive health, and menstrual cycle charting.

Justisse Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioners (HRHP)

HRHPs are graduates of the two-year Justisse Practitioner Training Program and are the most skilled of the Justisse Practitioners. They are suitable for helping women with complicated menstrual cycles, or who have concerns regarding their fertility, or who are coming off hormonal contraceptives.

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As well as being certified through Justisse College, all Justisse HRHP Graduates are granted Advanced Fertility Awareness Educator (FAE) International Certification through the Association for Fertility Awareness Professionals (AFAP).


Justisse Body Literacy Advocates (BLA)

BLAs are graduates of the the foundational elements of the Justisse Practitioner Training Program, and are able to provide the most basic introductory services and follow-up. They are suitable for helping  women with uncomplicated menstrual cycles.

Justisse HRHP Trainee and HRHP Intern

HRHP Trainees are in the theoretical part of their training and are not yet prepared to take clients. HRHP Interns are in the practicum phase of their training and are able to take clients and are under supervision of the Justisse Faculty.